Istanbul hotel located in Kadikoy given Emerald is one of the preferred hotel through quality [...]
Social Welfare Market, is organized by the Municipality. Surplus clothing is left here, the demand [...]
Orhangazi Adapazari Cultural Center is located in Sakarya [...]
Event and Convention Center Ankara your organization successfully designed for use area is home to [...]
Dr. I.Sevki Atasagun Physical Therapy Hospital Nevsehir Limits is inside.  Dr. Participating in [...]
Istanbul's Pendik Kurtkoy Yenisehir district with 12,000 m2 on a plot area of 1600 m2 floor [...]
Mausoleum of Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's [...]
Museum Building is located in Mardin Republic Square. The three-storey museum, internal and [...]
Duzce is 18 km, while the district Gölyaka 9 km. is predominantly agricultural economy of nuts, [...]
The city center is 7 km, Permanent Housing for Muncurlu soon as you enter the village located 4 [...]
Establishment of the village: The village came to our country in 1877 after the Ottoman-Russian [...]
Having the Phrygian period is a historic bridge. Banaz river on the butler appeared to be about [...]