Artist Ressam Refik Dogu Ozgun the exhibition will be at the Harmony Art [...]
"Open Space" exhibition WAREHOUSE / Tobacco Warehouse took place between 09.04.2014-18.04.2014 [...]
Ankara Gazi University Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum Hall II of the listed items are [...]
Gölbaşı is a town in the center of Ankara. 20 km from the city center. away. Bala, Çankaya, is [...]
Ankara Gazi University Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, in Gazi University Campus Central [...]
Ankara Castle, the historic building is a historic castle is not exactly known. BC. 2nd century [...]
Ankara Kizilay Square, which was built in 1929. Its name not available today is the headquarters of [...]
Haydarpasa Train Station, the Ottoman sultan in 1906. II. Abdul Hamid was built during the period. [...]
Maiden's Tower in Istanbul panorama dr drawn Virtual Tour 2006-2008. Maiden Tower is known by many [...]
Konurlap extending to the ancient theater, horseback referred to by name on the door is the door on [...]
Konuralp historic Roman Bridge is 3 arches and 10 meters tall. On the River Plate, Akcakoca road [...]
Gold would meet the needs of the Chamber of Agriculture and farmers to facilitate their [...]