Seljuk period, which is the most important place where they settled in Turkey Mudurnu, .Os reign of [...]
Buyukada Istanbul is the largest of the islands. Old name in Greek means Prinkipos [...]
Salıpazarı has been municipality in 1973. Salıpazarı established name in the district every [...]
Mine and SINAN Property Turkey (KSA) Housing Project Sakarya has a population of 917,373 as of [...]
Düzce Yenitaşköpru village, in 1877 after the Ottoman-Russian War in the Balkans from the turkey [...]
Büyüktuzhis connected to the town of Kayseri Bunyan [...]
Göynük, located to the southwest of Bolu seven quarters and sixty-six village hosts 'sugar [...]
Stingrays, sharks ... each of the different themes treated, one of a total of 43 pieces, including [...]
One of the big islands of Istanbul's most important tourist attractions, especially weekend trip is [...]
Fire observation tower located in the island and is looking great. Found 20 meters from the tower [...]