METU Ankara is Eymir Lake of METU METU Sports Club Rowing Team is working place. Lake Eymir holds [...]
Hasanlar Dam is located within the province of Düzce. Small Melee in 1972 with the construction of [...]
Hz. Ibrahim as. Is thrown into the fire, which is rumored to fall into the rose garden, Halil-ur [...]
Sanliurfa is located in the southwest of the city center and the Prophet Abraham thrown into fire, [...]
Barred lake, Bolu Goynuk district is connected to the tourist lake in the province. Depending on [...]
Lake Abant, Bolu is located 34 kilometers south, is a nature park with dense pine and fir trees, is [...]
Karagöl or Black Nature Park, started operations in 2002. Has a wealth of flora and fauna and [...]