METU Ankara is Eymir Lake of METU METU Sports Club Rowing Team is working place. Lake Eymir holds [...]
Duzce Samandere Falls is 26 km from the city center. It is located in the village where his name. [...]
Hasanlar Dam is located within the province of Düzce. Small Melee in 1972 with the construction of [...]
Kardüz Plateau, Gölyaka 28 km. Düzce, 48 km. D-100 highway is 38 km. and the nearest settlements [...]
Çamlıhemşin old name Vicealt DR. In 1922, the central station before the proclamation of the [...]
Overnights' s Year in 1300 was founded by Halal. Rize, 19 km southeast of Çamlıhemşin contained [...]
White-fronted Plateau Düzce center 40 km. The Kaynaşlı the town center is 25 km away. 18 km away [...]
Düzce 33 km. 6 km from the nearest settlement instead. from which springs Sinekli Beyköy, Ugur [...]
Which depends on the Düzce-Center Aydinpinar Derebalık Plateau located within the village limits, [...]
Saw the new village is a village in the district of Düzce Kaynaşlı. The name of the village [...]