Arnavutkoy Aya Strati Taksiarh the Greek Orthodox Church; It was built at the beginning of 1900. [...]
This large rectangular church Dome roof and two broken surface was her original form to make a. If [...]
664 (AD 1215) in the year, by the grace of God, the lord of the city of Ani is strong and powerful [...]
The plan of the church is cross-shaped central area is limited to resistant columns with arches. [...]
Mor Gabriel Monastery is the world's oldest Syriac Orthodox monastery standing. Mardin monastery in [...]
Holy Sepulchre (Resurrection) Church, called by the Church of the Resurrection Orthodox Church is a [...]
Hagia Sophia, the architectural sense, combining central planning with the basilica plan, domed [...]
Cappadocia - Dark Church curved stairway from the church in the north of the rectangle, it exits [...]
cesmeli Church is located in Karaman province, it was built vertically, with three naves of cutting [...]
1751 is said to have been built on. Chapel, prayer space, two floors, tile covered a small church. [...]
The building was erected in 1880 and is considered the largest Greek Orthodox shrine in Istanbul [...]
It was built at the beginning of 1900. Church was destroyed many times are known and fixed. There [...]