Bolu is also to be made Beyazit mosque built during lightning. Yildirim Beyazit Mosque (1374) and [...]
Istanbul Beyazit Mosque was started in 1500, construction was completed in 1505. Architects as the [...]
Commonly known as Ortaköy Mosque Ortaköy Mosque. Istanbul's Bosphorus in Ortakoy coast. Ortaköy [...]
Ankara Kocatepe Mosque, the construction was completed in 1987. Prime Minister Turgut Ozal period [...]
Eminonu New Mosque is also known as Valide Sultan Mosque. 1597 Sultan III. The foundation was laid [...]
Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque, the name of the third President of the Turkish Religious Affairs Ahmet [...]
Date Orhangazi mosques; Cantu one of the best examples of the type of mosque is one of the oldest [...]
Historical Hamshen Village Mosque; Cantu s best examples of the type of mosques in Akcakoca [...]
Date Lucky Village mosque in Akcakoca 16 km.mesafe New Entrees are in Ugurlu village. The mosque is [...]
Nu'man bin Ahmed, nicknamed "Haci Bayram" is. 1352 (H. 753) was born in the history of Ankara Bar [...]
Halil-ur Rahman Lake along the northern edge of this mosque wounded, the inscription on the door of [...]
Mardin, architectural, ethnographic, archaeological, historical and visual values by giving the [...]