Seljuk period, which is the most important place where they settled in Turkey Mudurnu, .Os reign of [...]
Black Sea Karabük University, "Fethi Toker Faculty of Fine Arts and Design," has been in operation [...]
Kayseri is one of the most crowded cities in Turkey. 17 City convenience. These Akkışla, Bunyan, [...]
professional activities, in order to set up and operate the continued building of the Golden [...]
Yığılca Municipality was established in 1954. The first name of ahmetcan and-fat-ÇAYIRAHMETÇİ [...]
Ankara train station, TCDD as Ankara's central railway station and the first building was built in [...]
It is located in Turkey's capital Ankara, the western corridor. 24 km from Ankara city center. [...]
After the 1071 Battle of Manzikert; Seljuks, respectively, and came under the domination of the [...]
Istanbul is located in the palace of justice or Chile and Europe's largest waterfall located in the [...]
18.02.2008 Konya new Palace of Justice opened since planned and designed in a negative image of the [...]