Seljuk period, which is the most important place where they settled in Turkey Mudurnu, .Os reign of [...]
Bolu is also to be made Beyazit mosque built during lightning. Yildirim Beyazit Mosque (1374) and [...]
Highway Outlet is Turkey's and Europe's largest shopping and leisure facilities on [...]
Düzce 33 km. 6 km from the nearest settlement instead. from which springs Sinekli Beyköy, Ugur [...]
Göynük, located to the southwest of Bolu seven quarters and sixty-six village hosts 'sugar [...]
In Hamza's son, was born in Damascus in 1389 Me. The seed of the Akşemseddin'i, is based on the 15 [...]
Barred lake, Bolu Goynuk district is connected to the tourist lake in the province. Depending on [...]
Lake Abant, Bolu is located 34 kilometers south, is a nature park with dense pine and fir trees, is [...]
Yedigöller Lakes National Park, in western Black Sea in Bolu, Zonguldak, located east of the south [...]