Ankara Gazi University Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum Hall II of the listed items are [...]
TURKSOY International Organization of Turkic Culture, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, [...]
Gölbaşı is a town in the center of Ankara. 20 km from the city center. away. Bala, Çankaya, is [...]
METU Ankara is Eymir Lake of METU METU Sports Club Rowing Team is working place. Lake Eymir holds [...]
Ankara Gazi University Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, in Gazi University Campus Central [...]
Ankara Castle, the historic building is a historic castle is not exactly known. BC. 2nd century [...]
Ankara Kizilay Square, which was built in 1929. Its name not available today is the headquarters of [...]
Ankara Kocatepe Mosque, the construction was completed in 1987. Prime Minister Turgut Ozal period [...]
Kayseri is one of the most crowded cities in Turkey. 17 City convenience. These Akkışla, Bunyan, [...]
Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque, the name of the third President of the Turkish Religious Affairs Ahmet [...]
Büyüktuzhis connected to the town of Kayseri Bunyan [...]
Located in Karaman city center, the construction of Karaman castle is thought to have been built in [...]