Diyarbakir has two purpose built pavilion. One part, once within the area of Diyarbakir ties [...]
Hide caves Ergani district of Diyarbakir, 7 km. d in the southwest. The main ruins on the cliffs; [...]
Diyarbakir who are believed to bend over and accepted; Hz.elyes to (Cons.), The Prophet. Zulkifli [...]
The castle was built in the Assyrian era is sited on a rock-solid ground, surrounded on three sides [...]
Mardin is located on the door post. Preserving the architectural identity is one of the most [...]
Çayönü, Sesverenpinar to Diyarbakir's Ergani (Hilar), located near the old name Kotaberçe it [...]
The world's oldest and most solid wall ramparts, known as one of the bears that feature the second [...]