Karaman and is located north of the ruins of a volcanic mountain located on the Montenegrin [...]
Montenegro is located in a volcanic crater on the mountain north of Karaman. Historic ruins inside, [...]
Karaman Province Ermenek District İkizçın and Yaylapazar located between the villages of Zeyve [...]
The Granary is located in Karaman Province Taşkale town boundaries, a high rock consisting of [...]
9 km south of the town of Karaman Central Taşkale İncesu a long stream of natural and 1356 meters [...]
Karaman Central Süleymanhac village with Çumra Adakale village oval remains of a castle on [...]
The town is located in Karaman Taşkale limits. The first double consists of several chambers as [...]
Tartan located in Karaman house was given orders to build the Tartanzade on 1810 Hacı Ahmet [...]
The house is located in Karaman Hürrem uncle is one of the best examples of traditional Turkish [...]
Dikbas Mosque in Karaman, was built in 1436 -1437 Karamanoğulları time. In the years 1493-1494 [...]
cesmeli Church is located in Karaman province, it was built vertically, with three naves of cutting [...]
Araboglu Mosque, Karaman Center, built in 1374-1420 was completed on time Karamanoğulları. [...]