As Harran attracts the most attention, it made the overlay technique, are cone-shaped conical domed [...]
Gobekli Tepe is the first time in 1963 as an archaeological site, Turkish and was discovered during [...]
Assyrian King III in M.Ö.855. When it was conquered by Salmaneser Şitamrat bore the name. The [...]
Hz. Ibrahim as. Is thrown into the fire, which is rumored to fall into the rose garden, Halil-ur [...]
Halil-ur Rahman Lake along the northern edge of this mosque wounded, the inscription on the door of [...]
Urfa City Center Dambak is topped. BC It is estimated that in 2000. The Crusaders have played an [...]
Sanliurfa is located in the southwest of the city center and the Prophet Abraham thrown into fire, [...]