Diyarbakir who are believed to bend over and accepted; Hz.elyes to (Cons.), The Prophet. Zulkifli [...]
The castle was built in the Assyrian era is sited on a rock-solid ground, surrounded on three sides [...]
Mardin is located on the door post. Preserving the architectural identity is one of the most [...]
Çayönü, Sesverenpinar to Diyarbakir's Ergani (Hilar), located near the old name Kotaberçe it [...]
Adiyaman 5 km. up north, ÖRENLİ (Pirin) located in the ancient city of Perre in the neighborhood [...]
Eastern and Western civilizations, 2150 m. height intersection in a magnificent pyramids, the [...]
Located in the southwest of the national park entrance in Adiyaman-Kahta Commagene King memorial [...]
New Castle and Kahta is east of the River, Old Kahta about 3 km. away from Kocahisar village with [...]
Adiyaman 55 km. and stay away from the north-east of Karakus tumulus. Kahta length of the bridge [...]
Hazrat Ibrahim Rights. Specialty Museums; A religion and that his favorite teacher, astronomer [...]
Fakirullah Prophet Ismail and Ibrahim Hakki Mausoleum; A religion and that his favorite teacher, [...]
His real name is Sultan Mamdouh Mahmud Hz. 1174 Hijri, the Gregorian in 1761, the 20th day of the [...]