Dursun Fakih Holiness Tomb, located in the Ottoman founder Osman Bey sofas and transfer it in the [...]
Ertugrul Gazi Tomb, is the father of Osman Gazi. Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. [...]
Istanbul Beyazit Mosque was started in 1500, construction was completed in 1505. Architects as the [...]
METU Ankara is Eymir Lake of METU METU Sports Club Rowing Team is working place. Lake Eymir holds [...]
Seral Cotton Fiber Industry and Trade Limited Company, home textiles, heat in need of furniture and [...]
Ankara Gazi University Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, in Gazi University Campus Central [...]
Ankara Castle, the historic building is a historic castle is not exactly known. BC. 2nd century [...]
Istanbul Sapphire Europe's 2nd antenna height of 261 meters and the building was built as a high [...]
Ankara Kizilay Square, which was built in 1929. Its name not available today is the headquarters of [...]
Haydarpasa Train Station, the Ottoman sultan in 1906. II. Abdul Hamid was built during the period. [...]
Commonly known as Ortaköy Mosque Ortaköy Mosque. Istanbul's Bosphorus in Ortakoy coast. Ortaköy [...]