Konya Courthouse

18.02.2008 Konya new Palace of Justice opened since planned and designed in a negative image of the wiper style. Over 84 855 m2 total area of 14,217 m2, with a covered area of Session 66 124 m2 building basement + ground + 3 consists of unambiguous. Some of the 26,464 m2 complex consisting of 12 blocks intended as green space. 520-car parking lot and park outside the Palace of Justice was done there would be problems with coating ünye move. 1 Attorney General, 42 prosecutors room, room 52 judges, 2 auction hall, 22 have regional administrative and tax courts, including heavy fines, a total of 66 courtrooms and court guards of others. In the other section; Executive offices, the Bar offers library services

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