Yenitaskopru Village

Establishment of the village:
The village came to our country in 1877 after the Ottoman-Russian War of the Balkan immigrant (Muhajir) and was founded by from Mardin. Village First come the family of the “pilgrims Ottomans (Özcanlar) and Haji Farhad’s (Gur) is known to be. Village First is said to settled families are up to 10 digits. Our village is currently Central, Kapancık, consists of four neighborhood, including lawn and Haystacks.

Geographical situation of the village:
Village, 4 km from the Düzce. It is south-west. Mahmure north of the village and Esen, south-west and Bahcekoy Pasakonag, South-east of Poets, in the north-west İstill villages. The village is plain. Small Melen River west of the village pass.

The population of the village:
According to the 2000 census the population of the village is 2500.

Düzce asphalt road connecting the village was made in 1978. Düzce-Yenitaşköprü minibus from the village are held every half hour.

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