Seljuk period, which is the most important place where they settled in Turkey Mudurnu, .Os reign of [...]
Bolu is also to be made Beyazit mosque built during lightning. Yildirim Beyazit Mosque (1374) and [...]
Black Sea Karabük University, "Fethi Toker Faculty of Fine Arts and Design," has been in operation [...]
Seral Cotton Fiber Industry and Trade Limited Company, home textiles, heat in need of furniture and [...]
Salıpazarı has been municipality in 1973. Salıpazarı established name in the district every [...]
Konurlap extending to the ancient theater, horseback referred to by name on the door is the door on [...]
Konuralp historic Roman Bridge is 3 arches and 10 meters tall. On the River Plate, Akcakoca road [...]
Highway Outlet is Turkey's and Europe's largest shopping and leisure facilities on [...]
Gold would meet the needs of the Chamber of Agriculture and farmers to facilitate their [...]
professional activities, in order to set up and operate the continued building of the Golden [...]
Duzce Samandere Falls is 26 km from the city center. It is located in the village where his name. [...]